Even Swaggers Love Getting Swag!

The excitement over new swag begins (all over again) That moment when you sit down for a supplier presentation and realize that even after close to 20 years surrounded by swag every day you still get excited when you receive it!   Not only are we excited to receive this form of advertisement but rather than […]

Promotional Products That Every Business Should Have

1. Something to insert your business card into. Make yourself stand out! A card will get thrown out, but combine it with an interesting product and the recipient is going to take a second look. For this, we suggest the following products that come in the perfect size packages: A lens cloth, I-wallet or Petite […]

Review of PB 10200 Power Bank Charger

Review of PB 10200 Power Bank Charger We all love our technology – phones, tablets, iPads, they come with us wherever we go.  They help us multitask (I can read email, work on a presentation and watch my 6 year old do gymnastics all at the same time).  They help us to stay on task […]

Big Game Night? Don’t get caught with the wrong bag

Big Game Night? Don’t get caught with the wrong bag These days long lineups and emptying bags for security isn’t just for the airport. Sports organizations put public safety first, so going to watch the big game means lining up at security checkpoints. Some organizations have taken steps to streamline this process. Policies limiting what […]

Do you dream of being an Olympian?

Do you dream of being an Olympian? As a marketing expert how would you approach reaching this goal? Pick your favourite sport and hope for the best? Not likely! You are going to determine how you can create your own box with the best odds for success. While you may have born with some natural […]

Comparing quotes?

Comparing quotes? Make sure the products are the same and watch the fine print. LOW Curvaceous Stylus Ballpoint – Satin silver plastic barrel, – Shiny silver accents,– Twist-action ballpoint– Contrasting color rubberized comfort grip,– Soft rubber tip designed to mimic the pad of your finger – for use with smart phones, tablet and touch screen […]

An Innovative Message Is Key

An Innovative Message Is Key Recently on p-interest we spotted a water bottle that read “There’s a good chance this is Vodka.® ” It made us smile and got the attention of many others, who also found it amusing. Unless you are a Vodka manufacturer this likely isn’t the message that you are trying to […]

A little planning goes a long way.

A little planning goes a long way.   Promotional products are the most effective when they meet the recipients needs and are creative enough to stand out and get noticed. By planning ahead, it allows time to fully customize your giveaways. Innovative decorating techniques may be used for your garments. Your notebooks may have a […]

The PERFECT Promotional product

The PERFECT Promotional product … Myth or truth? When looking for the perfect product, where should you start with literally hundreds of thousands of choices? The answer lies in the questions you will ask yourself before you even begin the search… What is the purpose of the event or promotion? Who is your audience (attendees […]

Apples to apples

Apples to Apples “Why do prices vary from one supplier to another on the same product?” That’s a good question and one that we hear often. There are actually many reasons that products that appear to be the same are priced differently, but the main one can be found in the old adage – QUALITY, […]

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